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    Presentation: How Do You Data? Let Me Count The Ways: Data Management in the Digital Humanities featuring Mill Marginalia Online

    Scholarly Communication Summit, Mississippi State University, MS, USA

    Dr. Emma Annette Wilson will be presenting on the challenges of data management in the Digital Humanities, and Mill Marginalia Online will be featured as a case study highlighting the need for dexterous data management both from an intellectual point of view, and also a practical point of view in a collaborative inter-institutional team. How do you gather data to describe handwritten marginalia accurately, flexibly, and in a way to enable discovery, without pre-empting all such discovery? Our adaptable, extensible schema attempts to do just that. How do you coordinate data gathering with multiple team members working across the Atlantic? The presentation will discuss some of our recent approaches to effective collaborative data gathering with newly-appointed Research Assistant, Hazel Tubman, in Oxford, and Albert Pionke in Alabama.